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Trusted Identity is the linchpin of a better contact center. If you are able to easily, accurately, quickly, and elegantly verify the identity of your customers throughout all interactions, you provide your customers with a personalized experience, drive major operational efficiencies, and reduce the tremendous cost and risk associated with fraud. There are a lot of existing processes and point solutions that address parts of the challenge posed by digital identity, but it remains a significant pain point for most.

Journey takes a fundamentally new approach to it that can help you solve for customer experience, security and privacy simultaneously. With no tradeoffs. Journey is proud to have won both Best of Enterprise Connect and Best Innovation in Customer Experience, and we look forward to sharing this innovative new approach with you.

Journey has exciting news to share at Enterprise Connect’s Virtual Bootcamp. Please register for the webinar to learn about Journey and why they won Best of Enterprise Connect and Best Innovation in Customer Experience this year! NOTE: this environment requires a single registration to have access to ALL webinars, documents and other materials. Click on any piece of content to register and you will not have to register again.